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Centurion Storage

Centurion Storage
Centurion Storage

Centurion Storage

Centurion Storage

About Centurion

Lying just outside of Midrand on the N1, part way between Johannesburg and Pretoria, Centurion is probably best known for its mall – one of the largest shopping centres in South Africa with over 200 stores and restaurants. But the suburb has become a ‘lifestyle of choice’ for many who don’t want to live in either city, yet need easy access to both, whilst managing to retain a country feel at the same time.

Seeing that centurion has its upsides its most suited for clients to consider Centurion Storage as an option rather than finding storage in the inner city. The fact that a number of people prefer living there is a plus as many clients or potential clients would live there.

Advantages of Centurion Storage

  • Its not as busy as Johannesburg – centurion is not as hectic as johannesburg so ideally it makes it easier to operate a business as it is calm.
  • Easy access to major roadway – centurion links to major roadways, so getting to meetings would not be an issue, roadways link to Johannesburg, Midrand, Krugersdorp, Pretoria and Oliver Tambo International airport. Centurion Storage seems to favour all the aspects.
  • Convention Center – centurion now has a convention center that can accommodate 2.000 delegates. In case you need to host a convention it is ideal for such events more than anything Centurion Storage could unlock many other business possibilities.
  • Ideal location for business – With all these factors outlined we are sure that Centurion would be an ideal place for a business.
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