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Storage Pretoria unit

Storage Pretoria unit

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When looking for storage pretoria there allot of things to consider.

How much you are  willing to pay ?

What size storage pretoria unit do you need ?

Is the storage Pretoria facility safe ?

What am I allowed to store in a Storage Pretoria unit ?


Storage Pretoria – Price

When looking at storage pretoria units. We at Storage Panda often see that the users first instinct is to look for the cheapest priced storage pretoria unit.While we at Storage Pretoria under stand the significance of price. We recommend you consider how often you need to access your goods whilst they are in Storage. If you plan on visiting your Storage unit in Pretoria often this actually affects your price in the long run as petrol to and from your Storage unit in Pretoria should also be factored into the equation. If you plan on visiting the unit quite frequently it is often recommended to use a facility that is near your home or work.


Storage Pretoria – Security

The safety of a Storage facility in Pretoria varies. This is why Storage Panda gives you the option to view amenities available at the Storage Pretoria facility. We recommend that before you sign a lease agreement do an onsite inspection of the facility yourself. These are your personal possessions and for peace of mind an onsite inspection really helps put one at ease. You may also want to choose a facility that allows you to bring your own lock which only you have the code or key for. some of the more modern facilities offer an an electronic keypad lock where only you know the entry code.

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Storage Pretoria – Unit Size

Storage Pretoria has seen it all and to be honest this is one of the hardest choices you will have to make during the self storage process. Most Storage facilities will be willing to give you advice on what size self storage pretoria unit they think you need. If you plan on storing more stuff in your storage pretoria unit in the not too distant future keep that in mind. Moving all your stuff to a bigger unit could be allot of work. One of the key points it to pack properly and not waste any space.

Here is a guide but it is not a hardened rule

1 Bedroom Unit 11 m2
2 Bedroom Unit 12 m2
3 Bedroom Unit 16 m2
4 Bedroom Unit 25 m2

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